Frequently Asked Questions

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    How do I make an appointment at your Acacia Ridge practice?

    If you are in Salisbury, then our Acacia Ridge medical centre is closest to you. To book here, you can call either of our clinics on 07 3711 2880 or 07 3272 7330. Our admin team can book you into Acacia Ridge from either practice. We do accept walk-in patients, however we cannot be sure of how long you will have to wait to see a doctor.

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    Do you bulk bill all of your procedures or consultations, including after hours or on weekends?

    We are dedicated to making family healthcare accessibly in Salisbury. As a part of this, we do bulk bill all appointments. This includes after hours visits, and weekend consultations. All you need to bulk bill is a Medicare card, or valid OSHC from Allianz or Medibank.

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    Can my family book at your practice, even if we have not been before?

    We welcome the opportunity to see new patients and provide our healthcare services to the community. We happily take bookings from new patients and return patients alike. We will need you to bring some form of photo identification, however, and we will provide you with a new patient form to fill in.

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    If I have recently undergone a medical test, can I call up for the results?

    We are not allowed to provide you with any of your medical details over the phone. In fact, doing so is illegal under the Privacy Act. This is due to patient confidentiality regulations. To give you your results, we will call you up and schedule another appointment.

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    If I need an after hours Salisbury doctor, what number do I call?

    If you have an after hours medical issue, call 13 74 25. This is the number of the National Home Doctor Service. Our medical practices have an agreement in place with this service. Basically, they will provide us with a report of your consultation, so that we can add it to your electronic health file in our practice. This ensures that you continue to receive proper healthcare services in future visits.

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    Does your team of doctors include female doctors?

    We understand that in some instances, healthcare needs are better met by female doctors. If you would feel more comfortable discussing your health with a female doctor then please let us know when you book your appointment. We have female doctors available every day of the week. This is a part of our commitment to providing family healthcare. Our staff will happily organise for your appointment to be made with a female doctor, at your request.

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    Does your Acacia Ridge practice send recalls and reminders?

    Our medical centres have both implemented a recall and reminder system. This system is effectively a method of preventative healthcare. It is designed to ensure that you get the healthcare services you need. It does this by reminding you of preventative health services that are appropriate for you. If you don’t want to receive these messages, simply inform your doctor or our admin team.

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    Will I have to make another appointment with you to get a repeat script or to get a referral?

    Yes, we will need to have an appointment with you before handing out a script or making a referral for you. This is actually a part of our professional obligation to ensure that you are getting the correct healthcare services and products.

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    Can I get access to my private medical record?

    Doctor/patient confidentiality laws tightly control your health record. We can give you access in most cases, however you will have to contact our admin team to discuss a few terms. Please remember that, while these records are important to you, they do remain the property of Acacia Ridge Medical.

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    If I have a complaint or issue, who can I speak to about it?

    We love to hear your feedback, especially if you feel that your experience has been less that favourable. You can start by raising the matter with our admin team. They will gladly put you in contact with the practice manager, who will do their upmost to resolve the problem. If this is not working, you can take the matter higher by calling the Office of the Health Ombudsman on 133 646.