Frequently Asked Questions…

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    Can you give me a copy of my health records?

    We can only give your medical records to those who are bound by doctor-patient confidentiality. In most cases this includes your doctor and you exclusively. The records are the property of our medical practice, however. This means that you will have to request access to them. Get in touch with our admin staff for more information.

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    Will I need to schedule an appointment if I only want a repeat script or referral?

    You will still have to book an appointment for repeat scripts and referrals. This is actually a part of our medico-legal obligation to you. It’s important as it allows us to monitor your health and any progress in your condition, where relevant. It also allows us to gather important information and ensure that you’re referred to the correct specialist. Referrals are generally valid for a 12-month period.

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    Will your practice contact me with reminders?

    We do contact our patients by letter or over the phone, to remind them of preventative healthcare measures. We only use these systems to inform you of healthcare measures that are appropriate for you. If you do not want to receive these reminders, then you can opt out by letting us know.

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    Are there female doctors available to administer feminine healthcare services?

    We have a team of ale and female doctors available seven days a week. If you would feel more comfortable seeing a female doctor, then let our admin team know. We will schedule you an appointment with one of our high-trained female doctors.

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    How do I make a complaint if I am unhappy with my experience?

    If you are not satisfied with your experience at one of our medical practices, then let us know. Our practice manager will attempt to rectify the situation promptly and to your satisfaction. If this outcome is not good enough, then you can take the complaint further, to the Office of the Health Ombudsman. You can contact the Ombudsman through the office’s website, or by calling 133 646.

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    Can I call your practice and receive my medical results over the phone?

    We cannot speak to you about your medical results over the phone. If you want your medical results, you will have to schedule and appointment with your doctor and receive them in person. This is a part of the strict privacy regulations that govern medical practice.

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    If I need a doctor after hours, what do I do?

    We have teamed up with the National Home Doctors Service to provide after hours healthcare to the Parkinson area. To get medical attention after hours, simply call 13 74 25. If you have a medical record with us, then the attending doctor will send the details of your consultation through. This means your medical record will remain complete.

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    I haven’t been to your practice before – how do I book an appointment?

    Our practices welcome new patients. Simply call us and we can schedule in an appointment at a time that suits you. Bring your Medicare card with you to our surgery. We will provide you with a ‘new patient’ form to complete when you get here.

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    Do you bulk bill everything including after hours and weekend appointments?

    Our Parkinson doctors bulk bill all eligible consultations, including after hours and weekend ones. All you need is a valid Medicare card or Allianz/Madibank OSHC policy.

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    What is your process for taking appointments?

    Our process begins with you calling us on 07 3711 2880 or 07 3272 7330. We follow an appointment-booking schedule, which means you can also book online. Standard appointments run for ten minutes. If you have multiple issues that you wish to discuss, then let us know and we will book a longer appointment. We will accommodate walk-in appointments, although we can’t guarantee instant attention. Please also note that patients with emergencies take priority.