Medical Centre Algester Common Questions

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    Do you have female doctors available at the Algester Medical Centre?

    If you have feminine health care matters that you would prefer to discuss with a female doctor, then we can help. Our team of Algester doctors comprises several experience and highly qualified female doctors. We make sure that we have a female doctor available at both of our practices every day. In some uncommon instances, however, a female doctor mightn’t be available. If this is the case, we will work with you to reschedule.

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    What do I have to do to make an appointment with your Algester doctors?

    To make an appointment with us, simply contact our dedicated administrative team. To do so, you can call the Algester Medical Centre directly on 07 3711 2880. Alternatively, you make an online appointment at a time that suits you.

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    Can you provide my medical details to me over the phone?

    Due to limitations placed on us by the Privacy Act, we cannot disclose medical details or test results over the phone. If there are any abnormalities in your results we will still contact you, however. Our discussion will simply be limited to rescheduling an appointment. This will then allow us to provide you with the relevant information in person.