Common Questions

  • #1

    Do you still bulk bill after hours and on weekend consultations?

    At our medical centres all consultations are bulk billed, as long as you have a valid Medicare card or Allianz/Medibank OSHC. This means that you will not be out of pocket for you consultation, regardless of when it is.

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    How can I make an appointment with your Mount Gravatt doctors?

    If you are a Mount Gravatt resident looking to make an appointment at our medical centre, simply call us. We are located in both Algester and Acacia Ridge, so you do not have to travel far. You can call both practices on 07 3711 2880 or 07 3272 7330. If you would prefer, you can also book an appointment online through our website.

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    Do you take in new patients at your medical centres?

    We are dedicated to providing family healthcare and we happily accept new patients. All you need to bring along is your Medicare card and any concession cards you may have. We also require photo ID, so bring your drivers licence as well.

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    What is you policy regarding access to medical records?

    We operate according to the strict privacy regulations of the medical profession. This means that your medical records are only accessible by us. You can gain access by requesting to see your medical records at our practice. However it is important to remember that these records do remain our property.

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    Can I get a repeat script or referral without an appointment?

    For repeat scripts and referrals, you will need to schedule an appointment with our doctors. Before prescribing further pharmaceuticals, we must assess your condition and the impact of the treatment. Likewise, we must gather all the relevant information regarding your health before referring you to a specialist.

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    Will you send me recalls or reminders?

    We are dedicated to taking a preventative healthcare approach. This means we will send you recalls and reminders in the form of letters or phone calls. These will be appropriate to your care. If you do not wish to receive these, then you can inform us at the time of your appointment.

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    Do both of your medical centres have female doctors?

    Yes, we have a team of male and female doctors in both our medical centres. If you would feel more comfortable with a female doctor, then let us know. We will arrange an appointment for you.

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    Can you give me my medical results over the phone?

    No we cannot. Under the Privacy Act we are not permitted to provide your medical details over the phone. Instead, we must organise another appointment with you. Our team will call you when your results are in to schedule an appointment.

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    What do I do if I need medical attention but you’re closed?

    We have partnered with the National Home Doctor service to provide after hours doctors in Mount Gravatt. You can organise after hours call-outs on 13 74 25. The details of these consultations are added to your medical record at our practice.

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    What is your protocol for dealing with complaints?

    Should you be unhappy with how your consultation was managed, you can let our admin team know. They will raise the issue with the practice manager, who will find a solution. If this resolution is not to your satisfaction, you can take the matter further by calling the Ombudsman on 133 646.