Dr Manupa

Dr Manupa Lama is our newest member from Nepal,  the beautiful country of Himalayas. She completed her Medical Degree at the University of China in 2006.

Manupa recalls her childhood saying to her parents at the age of 3 “I want to become a doctor and go to the land of Kangaroos” so here she is.

She embarked her career as a RMO in many tertiary hospitals back in Nepal for 2 years .After that she joined the international clinic under United Nations where she worked as a General Practitioner for 8 years before she moved to Australia in 2015 with her husband. During her tenure in UN she also worked with health immigration department for USA, Australia, Canada , UK , NZ , Norway ,Denmark and Netherland. She attended many international workshops and trainings held in USA and Europe to expertise her knowledge in travel medicine and communicable disease including extensive knowledge and skills in managing tuberculosis. She Locum in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in 2016.  Dr Manupa has wide range of experience and interest in all aspects of chronic disease management .Being a “people” kind of person, she found General Practice the most rewarding and exciting career for her. She believes in knowing the person behind the disease and provide compassionate healthcare for her patients. Dr Manupa keeps up to date with new changes in healthcare system by involving herself in ongoing learning and training. She has good command in Nepali ,English , Hindi and Mandarin.

When not at work she enjoys watching movies in Theatre , cooking ,dancing and listening music. In addition , she is passionate about playing Sitar .


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