Medical Centre South Brisbane Common Questions

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    How do I make an appointment with one of your South Brisbane doctors?

    We have an appointment booking schedule for both practices linked with our website. You can book with us online or call our surgery on 07 3711 2880 (Algester) or 07 3272 7330 (Acacia Ridge). A standard appointment is 10 minutes. If you have further issues that you would like to discuss, please request a longer appointment. We do require that you book an appointment for each person seeing the doctor, if there will be more than one. In certain circumstances we do accommodate walk-in appointments. If you have an emergency, then we will prioritise your appointments and we always aim to minimise waiting times.

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    Do you bulk bill after hours and weekend appointments?

    We understand that bulk billing is important when it comes to making healthcare accessible to everyone. A good number of new patients find us via specific online searches using terms like ‘bulk billing doctors Brisbane Southside’ and we’re always delighted to help. We are pleased to bulk bill all appointments, including both after hours and weekend consultations. If you have a valid Medicare card or Allianz and Medibank OSHC policy, then we will bulk bill your fee, whenever it is incurred.  

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    Do your South Brisbane medical practices accept new patients?

    We certainly welcome any new patients. Just let us know that you are a new patient when you book and we can run you through a few details. When you arrive, you will need your Medicare card, any concession cards that you have and photo identification. As you check in, we will provide you with a ‘new patient’ form to complete. This will include basic details such as your address and contact number.

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    Who do I contact if I need a South Brisbane doctor and both practices are closed?

    Our Algester Medical Centre and Acacia Ridge Family Practice have an agreement in place with the National Home Doctor Service. This service is essentially an after hours home visit service that attends to after hours medical needs. To contact us through this service, simply call 13 74 25. When you call this number, you can arrange for a local South Brisbane doctor to come to your home and treat you. The National Home Doctor Service will then send through a report of their visit to our practice. This enables us to ensure that your medical record is complete.

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    Can I receive my medical results over the phone?

    Due to the standard of confidentiality to which we are held by the Privacy Act, we cannot disclose results over the phone. If you have abnormal or concerning results, then our team will contact you to arrange an appointment. We will schedule this appointment over the phone, however we are not at liberty to discuss any of the medical details involved.

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    Do you have female doctors available?

    At Acacia Ridge Family Practice, we understand that female doctors better address some medical issues. For this reason, we have a female doctor available every day of the week. Occasionally, however, there may be instances in which a female doctor is not available. If you have feminine health issues that require attention, please let us know and we can arrange a suitable date for an appointment.

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    Do you have a recall and reminder system in place?

    Our South Brisbane medical centres are committed to preventative care. As a part of this, we send recall or reminder letters to our patients. These will offer you preventative health services that are appropriate for your healthcare. We do understand, however, that this might not appeal to everyone. For this reason, we can unsubscribe from these reminders, at your request. If you don’t want to be a part of the recall system, simply let your doctor or the receptionist know.

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    Do I need an appointment for a repeat script or referral?

    If you require a repeat prescription then you will need to come in for an appointment. This is an important step in your healthcare, as it allows us to ensure that your condition and medication are being managed appropriately. Your health is very important to us, which is why we strive to engage in professional medical practices. In addition to this, it is important that we meet our medico-legal obligations to our patients. As a part of this, we must ensure that your prescription is still appropriate.

    Likewise, you will need to make an appointment for a referral to a medical specialist. It is important that you are referred to the correct specialist. It is also vitally important that all of the relevant medical information is included for the specialist. Referral periods generally extend to 12 months, but for a repeat referral you will need to make another appointment.

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    What is your privacy policy?

    Patient privacy is a very important part of medical practice. As well as this, it fosters a strong relationship of trust between doctors and their patients. All patient records are secured and can only be viewed by those who are party to the confidential information. In most cases, you can gain access to them, however they remain the property of our medical centres. To see them, simply lodge a request with our staff.

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    How do I provide you with feedback?

    We welcome any and all feedback from our patients. If you ever find our services to be less than satisfactory, you can lodge a complaint with our receptionist or practice manager. Our team will then do our upmost to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied, however, you can take the matter to the Office of the Health Ombudsman. To reach this office, simply call 133 646 or visit their website at